• UX Strategy

    UX Strategy

    A UX strategy can enhance the customer-experience and increase brand-awareness and build brand-loyalty for new and existing customers.

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  • UX Research

    UX Research

    User-research is crucial to understanding the behaviors, attitudes and preferences of intended audiences as to uncover what the user did, where they went and how to keep them coming back.

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  • UX Vision

    UX Vision

    In a world where individuals don't always see eye to eye, it takes skilled visionaries to create the next evolution of their digital experiences. Although we may not be able to architect the human-experience, we can enhance the user-experience as best as we can.

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  • UX Audience

    UX Audience

    Knowing your audience (from story boarding, feedback, user-research, surveys, web-metrics, personas, etc.) is one of the most important factors in creating user-centric designs where the end-user begins taking center stage.

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UX Consultant

What does UX (User-Experience) mean?

ISO 9241-210[1] defines user-experience as "a person's perceptions and responses that result from the use or anticipated use of a product, system or service". So, user-experience is subjective and focuses on the use.
In industry terms, it's a professional label for individuals who are skilled at creating software designs that are user-centric - focusing on feedback from user research, labs, web-metrics and testing to create a better experience for end-users.  Normally, I just tell people we help design the the next generations of  software and websites while also helping them function better than previous versions.  For me, design architecture is a combination of user-experience, interaction design, user-interface design and information architecture.  It's more than just the typical UX Design with some prototyping, but takes everything into the abstract, along with all the new features that stakeholders and sponsors wish to see, and target the correct audience while listening to feedback and designing the next digital evolution of software with an eye on both functionality and aesthetics.